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EnderChest + ForceField = Crash :(

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Hey guys just here reporting a server crash my players found on my server, so lets get right to it.

How the Crash Happens:

1. Make a ForceField

2. Place One Enderchest inside said forcefield.

3. Place one outside.

3. Turn on ForceField

4. Break Chest Outside Forcefield.

5. = Crash :s

( we have done this 5 times, 3 resulted in a crash. Others seemed to lag the server to the point a reload was needed.)

This is just a warning so your server doesn't do offline for 2 hours while your away _-_

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Which force field mod were you trying this with? I noticed that tekkit now has two force field mods. One by the original author of MFFS who recently remade his mod with SMP in mind and another by a different author who resurrected the original MFFS and renamed it to Immibis's Forcefields.

The one that uses items that you craft and add to the projectors UI is the the true MFFS remake by the original author.

Now the other one that uses blocks as upgrades and has more than one projector as well as the nuclear reactor shields would be Immibis's Forcefields. Which is a renamed and updated version of the original MFFS that was abandoned by its original author in favor of his redesign.

I'm just wondering if it matters which force field mod you were using.

Kinda odd that we have 2 mods for the same purpose that are mostly identical other than how they do things and a few features. It is like having both EE1 and 2 at the same time but I understand it as its dev removed a lot of features when he remade it.

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