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::Civilization:: Roleplay Server [50 slots] [Tekkit] [Teamspeak] [Private]

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Civilization is a private roleplay server that enforces semi strict rules while maintaining freedom

over our players lives. Players will have a chance to start their own civilization or join an existing one.

After which diplomatic relations may begin between the different civilizations, ranging anywhere from

peace to armastice or war ! We encourage trading between civilizations and roleplaying between players.

Bandits and Adventurers are also rampant in the wilderness adding much more needed excitement from

roaming the lands. We have a strict no random pvp policy and all pvp engagements must be in some form of roleplay.

Whether it be a bandit raid or disputes between players.

Our community is growing steadily and we have 16 members with us at the moment. If you think

you have what it takes to be a part of our community, please read on below to find

out how you can join us !


As we are a private community, we would expect our commitee to be well behaved and matured.

Roleplay experience is also a plus. We are not prejudiced against age but if you can prove that

you are of our criteria then please go ahead and post your application for our approval.

As of now, all applications will be done through our forums at http://www.civilization.boards.net .

Please do read through the application thread thoroughly as it will determine your eligibility as a member.

Future plans

We are at a very early stage of our server development. We do plan to improve our server

with better or customized plugins and possibly even a custom texturepack. We will continue to improve

daily though, so please do check back once in awhile to check for updates !


We do not accept donations as we are a non-profit community. If you really wish to donate,

I sincerely thank you for your generosity but you can send that money to a more charitable organization that would probably need that money more than we do.

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I like where you've started, but you need to post some pictures, and post a little more information on the general structure of the server. For now, this thread is locked. Please try posting a new one in the server section (whitelist or open), after reading the server post guidelines. If one goes up, this one will probably be deleted after a short time.

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