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28 redstone engines? Really?

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I have built 28 (7x 4 towers) of oil storage tanks that are now full of oil.

I linked the bases of each tower (4 to a tower) with cobblestone waterproof pipe and one wooden waterproof pipe and a redstone engine to draw it out.

But it simply empties the tank the wooden pipe attached to, leaving the other 3 full.

If you link the 4 towers with pipe, then add the wooden pipe afterwards it doesn't work at all - the wooded pipe must be attached to the tank itself.

Surely I do not have to have 28 redstone engines driving 28 wooden pipes to empty all the towers?

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Well I tried every possible combination of pipes at the bottom of the tank stacks, and the only way it would draw the oil was with a wooden pipe on each tank stack.

So I bit the bullet and made 100 redstone engines and did it that way (Need some for other tanks - Fuel etc).

Annoying, and I know I have seen tanks connected together with a single wooden pipe before - but I can't get it working.

Anyway.... overkill on redstone engines now. I expect my laptop will crash trying to update all those engines now

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