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so i have been playing hexxit for quit a while and i am not antiquated with all the mods 

and i have been trying to find the fastest way to travel and they all wind up with epic fails so if any one haves any way to travel just post it

P.S i am kind of a noob in hexxit so go easy on me in the comments 

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find some gysahl greens. Farm them

find a chocobo. Feed it gysahl greens to tame it. Craft a chocobo saddle and right-click the saddle on the chocobo. now you have a proper mount to travel with

if you want a faster one = farm gysahl greens until you get special kind of nut. Feed two nuts to two tamed chocobos and you can get a coloured blue or green chocobo.

Green is fast on land and great at climbing 2-block hills. Blue is good on traveling the water

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