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Configuring a steampunkish medium-technology server

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So, I'm going to start up a steampunkish tekkit server quite soon. It's going to be my first more serious server, and if someone is interested in joining feel free to contact me. Now, the thing is that I want to limit certain technologies - while nuclear reactors, quarries and mining lasers are awesome, they're not really fit for the setting.

I've found how to inactivate some things in the IC config files, like lasers and nukes, but I can't find how to inactivate solar panels, nuclear power, or anything that is buildcraft, nor anything redpower (mainly solar panels there too).

Anyone got any idea?

Also, on a side note, anyone knows how IC's settings for power efficiency work? Water and Wind both had 100 as their default, but standard and geothermal had 10 and 20 respectively so it doesn't seem like it's percentage... I guess I can experiment, but if anyone knows It'd be great to know that :) Going to increase both water and wind power a little so they're actually useful.

Thanks a lot!

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