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Need Help with HD Texture Pack

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After watching the tekkit videos that Honeydew & Xephos, Sips, Sjin, and Duncan made, I've been wanting to use their texture pack that they use, and if im right, its called Sphax Pure BD Craft

I chose the texture pack that I saw was recommended on the bdcraft website, and so far, when I tried it with my optifine smooth (which I used it to replace the one with the AA and Af options, don't need those), I did get the awesome textures and stuff it provided, but for the certain tools and weapons and sh-t, their textures didn't look like the ones I saw on the above mentioned tekkit videos they made

Can you guys help me with this; I used the latest version of mcpatcher, but I don't know if I effed up on some process I missed, please and thank you on the help

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dude, there seems to be a problem, I used the steps for the pack (im running a 32 bit version of windows vista btw) and it either freezes to where I have to shut it down, or the game says it ran out of memory

I got 3 GB of ram btw, help me please?

Have you tried allocating more to Technic?

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