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Not a Minecraft 1.1 question

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This is not a When's Tekkit for 1.1 coming out question. My apologies if it's a dumb one. I'm a bit of a n00b at minecraft servers.

I run a little server for my kids and friends to play on. It started vanilla and now is using Craftbukkit. Some of them really want Tekkit but I'm not sure they're all going to be able to downgrade their MC clients so they are all waiting for Tekkit for 1.1.

My question is, do the mods and plugins break every time a new version of minecraft is released? Do I need to strongly encourage them not to update their clients unless I tell them it's ok?

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There's a simple solution to the upgrade thing that I've found.

Get a copy of a vanilla 1.0 minecraft.jar file. Either install a fresh one and downgrade or find someone with an old jar. The MD5 for the file should be 3820D222B95D0B8C520D9596A756A6E6.

Save that file somewhere safe. Go into minecraft, allow it to upgrade, and then replace the 1.1 minecraft.jar with your 1.0 minecraft.jar. Next time you log in, it won't bug you about updating to 1.1. Now, this only works until 1.2 comes out, but then you just repeat the same process.

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