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Quantum armor killers?


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Hello guys

As I'm trying to make a variated PVP experience on my server I'd like different options for killing Quantum armor and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for plugins that might facilitate it or tricks I could share with my community

Right now the only "real" Quantum suit killer we got is MOarrows (atleast I think thats what its called) that allows for armor piercing arrows at a cost of 1 diamond and 5 arrows per arrow. but I'd really like alternatives. Anyone got suggestions?

- Nikmi

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Lol hi Nikmi.. Amazing what a google search can find, eh ;)

The current prize of 1 diamond, 5 arrows, just for one single MOarrow is like really expensive, especially if it still takes more than one arrow to kill people.. Personally I'd just like some defensive structure, like a better Tesla Coil or something working the same way..

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Nope, there really is nothing.

Although you could change the power efficiency in the config files, meaning the suits will run out of juice quicker.

They'll still be explosion proof, but a diamond sword will knock them down.

However, there is a PVP version of IC2 in the works, with some seriously cool new weapons promised.

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