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Hello !

I got a problem with Tekkit..

Well not me but my friends.

I got a tekkit 2.0 server, maded to play with my friends

but only 2 of them got a real minecaft account..

Can you play it with non legit ?

Please help me out ;)

Also, I saw an option for capes..

How to set that up ?

I got a legit account.

Can someone make a tutorial of that ?



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There is a way to modify the server settings to not check User ID's, however-

I quote myself from this link:

Why are people so bent on not buying the game?? It is only $27 and change.. OMG it wont break the bank. You can borrow $10 from 3 people to pay for it! Geeze... just buy it and get over it. Besides.. purchasing the game gives you easier access to update/downgrade your minecraft for modding which I believe you have to do weird workarounds for the cracked version..


Also, as for the capes- checkout the Bukkit plugins, they have an option on how to add capes to the game.

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Ok, Thanks i will look for it ;)

And at the buying part..

They say: "Dude i dont gonna pay for blocks.."

But i got the game so dont blame me on it.

Their loss. And asking about pitacy here is forbidden period, even if you have a legit account. My advice to all potates on technic, keep quiet about it and learn google.

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Well thanks for the potato's though..

Put your auto correct off ;D

Forget that non-legit thingy, Super Johan fixed it ;)

@FrogBash I cant find any plugin on the bukkit plugin list and in the bukkit plugin folder..

Also google doesnt really work, I founded a CapeCraft and a DeaMaus or something like that..

But that cant help if i dont know what mod is on it ?

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Are that mods on the tekkit ?

Then i gonna upload a cape on that one ;)

I don't know, no idea what minecraft classes the technic crew edited and if those mods would break them, I am positive both those mods have to be hardmodded (that is placed directly into minecraft.jar) to work since they change the code that polls if you are Joel of deadmau5 or one of the few users with capes, i know capes poll the official minecraft servers and i figure the deadmau5 ears do the same. All the modes do are change around some of the code to use a 3rd party site or override the check to make "illegal" skins work (illegal skin meaning a skin that sould not render correctly, like the ones with deadmau5 ears.)

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Well you could download a cape mod, don't know how to install new mods to tekkit though, I still haven't figured that out yet, but really haven't tried many ways though. I'll post a link to an updated cape mod, and if you need an older version click on Old Versions and click on the version of minecraft you are using on tekkit.

Link: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/smp-capes/

I really think this mod is cool because you can upload custom capes instead of being confined to using capes created by others.

(update): I figured out that the file you need to put the .class files in to add additional mods, it is called modpack. To install mods that don't require putting files in the resources folder, go to .techniclauncher. Then the technic pack type you want's folder, which should be named after the type you want. After that go to bin, open modpack with archive program (such as 7zip or WinRARArchiver) the last thing to do is to put the .class files there and your done!

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