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Blocking items on my server with the number after the colan EX: 126:2

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How would i do this? it doesnt seem to wanna work :/. I can get them not to craft it... but with the autocrafting tables, it bypasses that... and i'd rather not have to remove all the crafting tables :(... is there any plugin anyone knows that searches peoples inventory and can delete the items i tell it to, the only way to block it would be in worldguard blacklist just to do [126]... but that would block like all of the cool EE blocks :(... Any help?

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PermissionsEx with ModifyWorld. For removing existing items, by blocking items appropriately will remove items from player's inventories as soon as they pick them out of their chests.

As for stoping banned items from being created in the first place, 1st place to try is the mod configs. Second would be to use a plugin such as disablecraft or NoItem.

I know you're probably looking for more information, but I also know it's all out here on the forums because I've helped answer the question before. Search around a bit, but those are the two places I'd start.

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I use disableCraft plugin for this (since its easier than having to edit a CRAPLOAD of permissions if I want to globally disable and item).

works wonderfully for me.

Now if you want to disable it just for some people, but say admin/op/mod can still have them..the above method does this well.

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