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Disabling EE2 on the fly


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is it okay/possible to disable EE2 on the fly? Ie. when people are already using it on the server. Someone just invented a machine that turns solar power into blocks of diamonds or basically anything else too. I kind of wish we didn't have that. Stop server, edit modloader.cfg, restart server = win or lose?

Also could I just disable some of the items in it? Probably need some plugin for that?

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Hmm I tested it on a test server and it just removed all the EE2 items from the world without giving any errors. Is it really this easy or am I missing something?

I have not tried this but from what I know that's exactly how easy it should be.

Also you might want to stop by the rules thread. Signing your posts is against them.



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I can confirm that you can just disable EE in the config file (config/ModLoader) by setting it to off!

All items disapear, and a few players got upset and left.

Note the EE chest (can't remember the name) is deleted and lots of players use it, so it is a good idea to warn frst 8)

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