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Crafting Table III

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Don't bump your posts (especially after less than a day, have some patience), it won't get you a friendly response.

1. Go here: http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5

2. Find bukkit mod you want to install (Crafting Table 3 is on there).

3. Install server-side.

4. Test and deal with block id conflicts, forge crashes, or whatever else.

5. If everything is good, install client-side and configure like the server (if not using the default config).

6. Launch client and test.

7. Troubleshoot.

I don't know if my Tekkit is up-to-date as my version still uses IC2 1.95b which should be fine with Crafting Table 3 B1.8 which is the latest ported version on that page. If the newest version uses IC2 1.97, you're out of luck until Crafting Table 3 is updated and then ported to Bukkit. If you run into trouble you can't fix, keep it in this post and bring relavent information such as pastebins of logs and version numbers and all that fun stuff.

If you are interested in installing mods in the future, do more research into installing bukkit mods and then post if/when you run into trouble with more information. Posts going, "Hey I don't know how to do something so spell it out for me," also don't get a positive response around here. Consider this a polite warning.

Good luck and happy mining.

EDIT: I just checked my Tekkit folder and I have Crafting Table B1.8 installed and I believe I'm running the Tekkit 3.0.3 Rec build. If you're running the latest version (3.1.1, I believe) then you may be out of luck unless you feel like going back to 3.0.3 (and finding the server file for it) because I'd bet that 3.1.1 features IC2 1.97.

Another edit: If you're willing to lose some mods and go back a version, you can try going here: mirror.technicpack.net/files/Tekkit_Server_3.0.3.zip

Personally, I'd just wait for the CF that is Crafting Table 3 to get fixed before going balls to the walls trying to get it back. The Tekkit team didn't include it for a reason, either the GUI, dupe, or other bugs may still exist and it probably causes problems with all the new goodies. Something to consider before putting in the time trying to fix it.

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My Apologies, and I didn't really know how to look it up to be honest, or else I would of. I tried installing it like all the other mods to the server by just dragging the zipped file into the mod folder but that seemed to crash the server when I tried running it. I got it client side, I just wasn't sure how to work it server side, although this helps a lot and I greatly appreciated, and i'll keep that all in mind next time I post. Thank you for your time explaining that all to me, and sorry for the bump.

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As I said, polite warning (I was in a better mood earlier ;p). I won't hold it against you, man/woman, most of us on here (as I've observed) just want to know you've done your research and homework before posting threads that are similar or equal to what's been posted before. If you seek to learn, we will likely help but if you seek to get lazy, you'll get torn apart. In short, that's what I meant.

Either way, i hope I helped you out and I hope you can get everything working. Just ensure the questions you pose aren't posed a bunch of times prior (by searching first) and you should be alright.

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