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Launcher crashes after login


Launcher Version:

Operating System: Macbook Pro running OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

Java Version: 1.7.0_04

Antivirus Program: N/A

Description of Problem:

In the launcher, I select tekkit and log in to my account and then it considers this for a moment before the window just vanishes. No error messages are displayed or anything like that, it just closes without warning.

Error Messages:


Error Log:

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	Launcher is starting....

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	Launcher Build: ''

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	Allocated 910.25 Mb of RAM

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	Java VM: '1.7.0_04-b21'

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	OS Version: '10.8'

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	Is 64-bit: 'true'

[16:18:45] [sEVERE]	[info] Downloading 'mirrors.yml' from 'http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/mirrors.yml'.

[16:18:46] [sEVERE]	Starting download of '', with 3 trie(s) remaining

[16:18:47] [sEVERE]	Copying: /temp/file1846682918111540444.tmp to: /launcher/CHECKSUM.md5

[16:18:47] [sEVERE]	File Downloaded: /launcher/CHECKSUM.md5

[16:18:47] [sEVERE]	[MD5 Mismatch] File '/launcher/tekkit/modpack.yml' has md5 of '76f7ddc6b91dde80eaea76b64dc85913' instead of '07990407655275098c5b94cded6adeed'

[16:18:47] [sEVERE]	[info] Downloading 'modpack.yml' from ''.

[16:18:47] [sEVERE]	[info] Downloading 'minecraft.yml' from ''.

[16:23:00] [sEVERE]	Exiting the Technic Launcher

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Alright, I figured it out! So if anyone else installs mountain lion and has the same issue, just go try to start vanilla minecraft with the vanilla launcher and it will say "Y'all hafta install some shiznat to play that game!" I may be paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Install that java thingy and then it should work like normal. On a side note, I actually removed all my technic launcher data and reinstalled it, so that may or may not be necessary to fix it with this issue.

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what java thing?

From what i can tell, Redd13 said to run your un-modded Minecraft client (the one from Mojang) and it will give you a message telling you to install a program (and likely give you a link) install that and it might work. I have not tested this, I am just trying to translate what Redd said.

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