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[3.1.2] Flowcraft [PvE] [64 Slots] [No Whitelist] [iConomy] [Towny] [Markets]


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ip: flowcraft.net

We have just gone through a Map reset, so not many things have been built yet!

Welcome to flowcraft, we are a small server with a small community, which we are inviting you into!

Build the masterpiece of your dreams with your friends, while knowing that your build will be safe.

We have plugins such as Logblock, Worldguard, Grief-prevention and LWC to make sure anything you

build will be safe.

We have a Ts3 Server:



floh22: Owner

Shiivers01: Co-Owner

ZombieAssault: Admin

SpiffyBass: Moderator

Pshealin: Moderator

To Be A Staffmember, You Don't Ask Us To Be One Every Few Seconds, To Those Who Don't Know, Admins Don't Like That! We Choose YOU! We Will Ask You If You Want To Trial As Moderator, And We Will Do So, Evaluate Your Performance, And Then Behave Accordingly!


Essentials: What Server Doesn't Have This?

Buycraft: For Easy And Convenient Donating

iConomy and ChestShop: The Economy On The Server Is Run By The Community, Giving It A Whole New Feal!

Jobs: Start Making Money To Buy Items, Ofc This Plugin Is Nerfed So That It Is Balanced!

LogBlock/WorldGuard/LWC/Grief-Prevention: Safety Of The Players And Their Builds!

Those Were Just The Most Important, Though There Are Smaller Ones Which Are There For Function And Making The Server Better Overall. Use /plugins Ingame To See These!


1. No griefing

2. No PvP unless in a PvP Area

3. Respect each other

4. If someone did not claim their build, do not claim it!

5. Do not exploit glitches!

6. Do not ask to get promoted!

7. No Spamming Chat

8. Please do not advertise, though you won't get banned, we don't like it!

9. Obey the rules, breaking any of them (excluding 8.) will get you banned!

10. Have Fun! If you don't, there is no reason to play at all!

Banned Items:

All Kinds Of TnT

Ring Of Archanea

Ring Of Ignition

Void Ring

HyperKinetic Lenses

Catalytic Lenses

Desctruction Catalysts

RedMatter Morning Stars

No Right Click Function With Phil. Stones (Ruins The Landscape)


Rm/Dm Hammers

Chunk Loaders (We Had Over 1200 Chunks Being Loaded At Once)

Cannons should not work, though we are having issues


We Had A Laser Tag Event Once, Though This Got Destroyed In A Map Reset!

This Event Will Be Back Though And Pictures Will Be Here!

We Are Currently Discussing A Hunger Games Event, Which Will Either Be Automated, Or Every Friday!


Pictures: (I will keep this part updated as the server grows)


The House of A Member On The Server!



The Inside Of The House.




Spawn In All Its Glory!




So Come And Join Us At: Flowcraft.net



Teamspeak 3: Flowcraft.net

All Our Info Is Allways On Flowcraft.net


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thanks, if you have any problems please tell me, we had some issues before, so i really don't want them now!

Im having probs trying to connect it says i need Forge something do i need to download something

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I'm currently trying to log into the Server, it sounds really fun and well organized. It will also be my first Tekkit server. I seem to be experiencing some problems though, when i try to join it gives me the error: Internal client error:java.net.UnknownHostException: session.minecraft.net... Any ideas?

UPDATE: Never mind that I figured it out I had to change around a bunch of settings.

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