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xRay for admins - Anybody got this?


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There were some guys with gamemode, hell knows how they got it, and some spy of mine talked to them and he told me that they had a lot of forbidden items, but hidden in chests. I have to find them, but I need a good xray. Anybody can give me one?

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You do understand that there is no way that an XRay plugin will help you find the items they have. I assume that people are free to build anyway on the server, there for you would have a massive range to search probably taking you 6 or 7 hours to find it. They may have also stored it in alchemy bags (which make it really hard to find it) or they may have stored it in non vanilla storage that would not show up on most chest XRays. And in the end just searching for random chests would really just be taking stuff from random players that may not be them.

Unless you are only searching for banned items then all you have to do is to use PEX Modifyworld (or other block placement/items usage blockers) to block the banned items from being placed or used. That is the simple solution (simple compaired to XRaying for 6-7 hours at least) use item blocker to block the banned items and just ban the hackers (if you want to spy on them as well and possibly find the chests when spying then install VanishNoPacket).

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