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Hey! You! Yes! You!

Today I am here to share with you the latest in farming, minecraft. I have developed a brand new modpack called 'Farmer Lyfe' Intended to give regular minecraft farming a little kick as well as create an awesome new playstyle. Here is the link and some of the mods in the current version:


- Lucky blocks

- Tinkers' construct

- Magical crops

- Extended farming

- Morph mod

- Hats mod

- Open blocks

- Random things

- Equivilent exchange 3

- Chisel 2

-Carpenters blocks

- Ender IO

- Adventure backpacks

- Food plus

- Biomes O' plenty

- Optifine

- Transformers mod

- Inventory pets

- Blocklings

- Pam's harvest craft

- IronChest

- Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod

- TreeCapitator


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