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What is the best decoration modpack?


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So I have been trying to make my own but it does not seem to work even tough I have done everything correctly, (i checked this with people who knew more about it with me and they got stuck too)

or maybe were just noobs  :engleft: 


however that is not the point


I am looking for a mod pack for builders

that includes more types of trees mods

more types of biomes mods

more types of mobs mods

and furniture mods

and more item mods

and that one mod that i saw somewhere with helpful villagers could be fun too but isn't necessary lol


it doesn't have to be perfect but what is the mod pack that gets closest to this idea? 


don't be a  <redacted> because i couldn't make the mod pack myself by the way, lets be real, if it already exists why make another one?

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