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Technic page

This is my modpack, it is made from mods focused on tech, warfare, space-exploring and industry, however it includes some furniture and decoration mods as well.

Here is a Discord server of the modpack, it includes all the info as well as help and support Discord server instant invite, Note: you do NOT need to register or log in to join the Discord server.

Mod suggestions are welcome !

The modpack also includes a server pack for those who want to make their own server and play with firends ;)

This modpack includes everything needed to live peacefully and make the ultimate automated self-sustained factory and enjoy the ultimate matter-antimatter space war and  discover strange new worlds and space where no minecrafter has gone ever before. There are soooooo many different possibilities...


Thank you for reading this, I hope you try the modpack, for any information feel free to join the discord and ask any questions ;)




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