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Thormen | 1.18.2 | Mekanism | Space | ICBM's | Public server


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Thormen cover


Tired of playing minecraft without any excitement, anything to do? Thormen has been built so that you could fulfill your childhood dream of setting up missile silos and letting all hell loose remotely while laughing on another planet. Friends? Enemies? Don't matter who, a well positioned nuke will make anyone hate their existence. 




💎 Minecraft 1.19 content in 1.18.2
💎 Thormen public server

💎 In-depth world generation
💎 Intercontinental ballistic missiles
💎 Technology, nuclear science
💎 50+ QoL mods to make your life a bit more bearable
💎 Whole new Nether and The End to explore
💎 Forcefields to defend your infastructure
💎 Space travel to different planets
💎 Bit of voodoo to add that spice to tech








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