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[1.10.2]Mudpack Official[PvE][Unlimited Slots][Greylist][Mudpack Official]

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Hello! I am starting up a custom modded server. The server is similar to foolcraft, yet optimized for those who can't run foolcraft. It is a Modded SMP server. Cursing is allowed, we are mature people here. We hope to get some new members on the server!


1. No griefing

2. No duping

3. No exploiting mods

4. Respect / listen to staff (Shamerock, MrShawn)

5. Do not build too close to others without asking

6. No advertising

7. Have Fun!

8. Follow additional rules displayed inside the "Updates and Rules" building at spawn


You need at least 2.5gigs of allocated ram to run the pack!



1. What is your IGN?:

2. What is your age? (do not lie):

3. Have you been banned on other servers?:

-If so, why?:

4. Do you plan on playing the server for more than a few days?:

5. How often, if at all, do you play modded?:

6. Do you have Skype? (Skype is our main form of communication, having it is suggested):

7. Steak or Cake?:

8. Favorite music genere?:

9. Cats or Dogs?:


Thank you for applying! If you are accepted, the modpack details, along with the server IP, will be PMd to you.

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