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2 Quick Questions - Mo Creatures in Tekkit 3.1.1 ? And will there ever be Flan's mods?

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Hey people,

Just got a quick question, is Mo Creatures only in Technic or is it in Tekkit?

For my second question will any of Flans mods be added to Tekkit? I did hear the Flans mods where not compatible with forge, I don't really know anything about modding but is there anyway it can be compatible?

Thanks (:

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Mo Creatures is only in Technic. No, Flans mods will not be added to Tekkit.

There's always the possibility that flan will revamp everything, and make it much more functional, in it's current state, it's not going to happen.

Thanks both of you, I have nothing left to say, you both gave me clear and good answers (:

If a mod could delete this topic or close it that would be great

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