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I wish something like the BTW mod could be included...

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Has anyone played the Better than Wolves mod?

It basically includes an entirely different class of tech; mechanical energy. Things such as wind mills, water wheels, gear boxes, ropes, platforms, hoppers, grindstones, table saws, pottery tables, bellows, and so on.

It also includes features that make it more feasible to set up automated animal harvesting systems.

This is basically what I played before I heard about technic, lots of fun, and the mod even became compatible with buildcraft (the "Better then Buildcraft" pack that made you have to download 20 seperate files from assorted adfly links... jesus)

I really wish this could be included somehow, but I doubt Flowerchild will have any part in it... mechanical energy though... would be interesting if someone else could look into a similar but original system...

EDIT: LOL it censors to "Dong Princess"? You must be well acquainted with aformentioned individual then...

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It says in the forum post that Forge will interfere with the mod.

Minecraft Forge is NOT required to be installed for this mod to function (installing it separately will actually interfere with the proper functioning of this mod). However, the current release of BTW contains several Forge files as it is in the process of migrating away from that API.

I'd say it's just a matter of it being incompatible with other mods. Also, currently, it's not SMP compatible so it wouldn't really fit in a SMP mod pack.

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I know that, I know he's moving away from it and all that... it's just a damn shame...

Mechanical energy... a whole tech tree that is based on using over world resources like wood, crops, and animals.

It does use iron and red stone in small amounts, but one good trip to the depths will have you set for a long time.

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Embarrassing? I don't know what statement you're talking about...

Actually what I should have said, to avoid confusion, is that I wish that a mod similar to BTW could be added (eventually...)

Not BTW itself, obviously, because of all the problems mentioned, but it does have some very interesting concepts.

The idea of starting with wooden mechanical tech (BTW), and working up to more advanced metal machines (IC2) just seems like a better transition than harvesting rubber and suddenly having advanced technology.

For example, if the requirement to get your initial refined iron was a brick furnace stoked by bellows, then you would have to make advancements in that first tier before being able to achieve such wonders as doubling mining yields and harnessing nuclear energy... :P

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He said embarrassed because he assumes you should be embarrassed after you clued into the fact that this is posted in the wrong section. Obviously you haven't so let's look at your logic...

You are asking for a mod to be created and then added to the tekkit pack? So you're basing the fact that you'd like to see this non-existent mod added to tekkit pack for your reasoning as to why this post belongs in the tekkit SMP section and not something like http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/requests.44/ that could possibly be not only more appropriate but would most likely garner more positive responses.

Instead of replying to this post again, might I suggest an alternate route? Go here and re-post this, then wait for replies based on the merits of the suggestion and not your inability to think logically.

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