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mod request: mffs, Dark Thunder eddition


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I have recently been experimenting with modular forcefields for use in multilayer defence systems and came across the updated dark thunder edition of the mod. this version uses items to upgrade and modify the feild types rather than blocks. while i would not necessarily say that this version replaces the existing version already in the pack, i would propose that it expands and enriches the tekkit survival experience. most particularly in pvp or endgame situations where power usage or nuke resistance (near invulnerability) are a priority.

known compatability:

while I have not yet gotten a chance to test this mod on a server as of yet I can verify that it functions flawlessly in tekkit ssp and that it complements the existing mods quite nicely.


  1. greater nuke resistance
  2. more sophisticated field shaping
  3. adds mod proof shields
  4. adds true pvp defence systems
  5. adds far more options regarding power use and field size (in game)
  6. allows for the creation of larger fields
  7. more streamlined upgrade/control system
  8. does not require work around to create doors (authorised personnel can walk through field at the cost of eu)
  9. creates a "smart" system that can identify which players are and are not authorised to aces the system.
  10. smaller system block footprints (less blocks needed)


  1. more expensive
  2. steeper learning curve
  3. would make wars more expensive
  4. the cost in time for the tekkit team to add it to the modpack

the mod can be found at:


many thanks for your time and consideration.

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in a way, I don't think it's even fair to say that immibis' mod sucks. . He took over during a time when it seemed that darkthunder had abandoned it. but it was never his mod, and so aside from some bug fixes he has never really changed it. darkthunder on the other hand is the original mod author and so he has continued to update and improve it with additional ideas. The truth is that now that the original version has been resuscitated the block-based version is antiquated.

I to hope that his version is added to the mod pack soon. It has far better functionality for SMP and is simply a more complete mod overall.

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I agree, that the upgrade system is less intuitive. However, it is also significantly more powerful and the toolset comes along with it allows you to create secure systems with far fewer lag inducing contortions. Personally, I feel there is room for both systems. They are not mutually exclusive, there are no ID conflicts and they really do provide very different toolsets. It would leave servers with the opportunity to disable one or the other or even create tiers of force field using different levels of power based on config settings.

That said, I would challenge whether or not you have truly explored the new system to its fullest. I have found, that taking full advantage of the new features results in force field systems that are as complex or significantly more complex as those mandated by the original version.

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I Realize that and I whole heartedly agree with your sentement. I think that the new version is cleaner and more powerfull.

I was simply addressing the post above yours because I felt that it was important to remember the back story.

on a related note, I love the new security station

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I just switched out from immibis' mffs to thunderdarks, the original author.There's a ton of nifty features that that make the transition worth it.

Even though I switched I appreciate immibis taking on the mantle to keep the mod out there for the minecraft community when thunderdark was unable to update it.

In summary let's switch out the different version of mffs while not bashing on immbis and his version of the mffs mod.

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