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  1. hello, a little while ago I posted a thread asking for people's suggestions regarding long-range power transfer, and I would like to thank everyone who responded. Your replies were, on the whole incredibly useful and very informative. now, I have much the same question regarding short-range power transfer: of the many and varied power systems available in tekkit (redpower, IC2, buildcraft, local generation of any of the above) and which you think is least likely when implemented across a medium-sized industrial base (five preloaded chunks by five preloaded chunks)? Many thanks
  2. why not just use the tools already built into the nuclear control mod?
  3. and remember to put each feild on a different circuit
  4. please reference the industrial craft website or the tekkit post titled "nuclear power plant by a nuclear engineer" or something to that effect.
  5. do ender pearls work against square sheilds?
  6. if you place a few iris equiped portals that should prevent other portals from spawning in your base
  7. it may make your life easier to imagine that every power storage block can output at an independent maximum of one amp and that it requires transformers or multiple blocks to create a multi-amp flow.
  8. you could always download the dark thunder version of the mod. It might be more resistant to such things.
  9. have you experimented with the possibility of using the wires to make a cage? I am not sure but it seems like if the wire passes by your target multiple times the target would get shocked multiple times. if so, that might reduce your power requirements.
  10. you can change the link size in the redpower config
  11. joe5

    ICBM Mod

    are you sure you are using the correct version?
  12. are you sure about the nukes? a few builds ago we prototyped (though never used) nuke cannons for a aircraft carrier and they seemed to work fine
  13. It is also worth noting that the ability to target any point on the map would server to vastly increase the value of having a portable base. particularly (as noted above) if frame ships could mount missiles. besides, it is another resource sink and it is always good to have those in late game tekkit
  14. joe5

    Factory designs

    given as my server has been prone to the periodic nuke threat I am fond of renforced stone with redundant shield grids
  15. he is, that is awesome. is their any chance that you have a link to where he mentioned that?
  16. any chance you could post some screenshots?
  17. this may not be ftl travel but I think we are closer than many of you think:
  18. joe5

    ICBM Mod

    I love the idea of a flowafyer (every grass block has a flower placed on top) how about a delivery missle that would carry items. it could have about 4 slots and drop the items on landing. on a more serrious note: I think a durty bomb would be a good idea (standard blast but puts out radiation blocks) and a lava missile would be just evil. particularly if it droped non source blocks. indeed, I the instant this gets added the face of my server is going to be completely altered. I know that several factions have already prepared silos.
  19. how close is the inner edge of the force feild to the block you are trying to break?
  20. in that case can you acces the config? if you can use it to slow down the force feild refresh time and then drop a two kiloton compression nuke on top. if you encase it properly it should break the feild but nothing else. then just jump through one of the holes in the top.
  21. hi, I run a small semiprivate tekkit server it is in the process of undergoing something of an expansion. Traditionally, the spawn has just been a random point in the middle of a 400 x 400 block wilderness. However, as more new players come on it occurred to me that might be good to have something there to greet them. The server infrastructure is still kind of sketchy and I don't want to commit to a major build at the moment. I wondering: A: do you have any ideas for small a spawn that would have room for some sighns and a couple of teliporters while still looking reasonably impresive? B: what do you think are the most critical parts of server infrestructure to have at the spawn? c: do you have or have you seen any particularly good spawns that you think might make good inspiration? many thanks
  22. have you tried detonating a couple of dozen nukes to see if you simply sponsored a bad place ?
  23. why cant you get to the core? is it protected or just inside a feild?