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Convenient teleport outside of beacon locations?


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I'd like to live in one of the treasure spots, especially the tree house, but needing to spend a minute plus to get to a teleport beacon is kind of crippling, since I have so far lived spread out between beacons. Is there a buildable teleporter I can use?

On a similar note, is there any kind of world anchor buildable? Needing to stand around my farms is not much fun.

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Building beacons is not possible. I suggest exploring thaumcraft research on artifacts such as magical rings for flight, focuses for utility blink and the world anchor to keep your crops growing.

I suggest, however, to start by purifying a zone so you can have both farms and tech stuff on the same place. The treehouse is a little bit small to have the requred infrastructure, even for thaumcraft you will require a large room for the infusion altar and the decorations used to keep it stable. I am currently living on the eerie island, it has a large zone at the top of the pillar, perfect for farms, some advanced setup for your machinery  and I even found space to make a small orchid for the required wood to burn.

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This may be a bit late but if you delve into botania enough to fight it's final boss the Gaia Guardian it can drop an item that allows you to save up to 12 locations as quick teleport points. It's interface works in a similar way to the assembly halo.

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