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New router, people can't connect to my server!

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Before you ask, YES I have done my port-forwarding correctly.

So a little back story to this problem.

I've been hosting my own tekkit server from my computer for a while now (7 months). It's just me and a few of my friends who play, and we've never had any problems.

The server is running off my computer.

Intel i7, GTX 570, 9GB RAM (weird number I know)

Last week I bought a new wireless router (DIR-615) to replace my current one, because the old one is starting to die on me. So I configured the new router, port-forwarding, etc. and nobody could connect to my server, but when I switched back to the old router they could connect fine.I went online to check to see if the port on the new router is open and it is, but for some reason minecraft still can not connect when I'm hosting from this new router.

Here's a screenshot of (hopefully) all the info you need to see.

Really hope someone can help out because I've been searching for an answer for the last couple days and finally decided to post on here.


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