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Sheep breaking into my house...and letting in creepers

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So I was sitting afk in my house on an empty server looking up commands and I kept hearing a door open and close. Lately I'll log in and I'll have open doors but I just figured it was my friends breaking into my house to steal stuff ~.~. Today I switched back to the screen to see what was opening the door and there was a black sheep just wandering up to doors, they'd open and it'd wander through the house to the back door and out to wander around more outside. I tried to do iron doors but this still happens. It cant open gates, just doors. There are no buttons or pressure plates for the doors so I dont know why this is happening.

The plugins I have are WorldGuard, Essentials, Group Manager and World Edit. No mods other than what came with tekkit, the server is pretty much clean. Is there something that got crossed or something? I was going to restore a backup to see if this would correct but wanted to be sure that maybe there isnt some weird command hidden in my plugins to allow sheep to open doors as a joke or something. If there is how do I turn it off? They keep letting creepers in >.<

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