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Tekkit 2.0 Server updates


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We're still trying to work out the most efficient/helpful system when it comes to announcing this stuff, however when we post a server update it will be a big deal. We will probably drop the server update, then update Tekkit's latest rec. build as well. If you have a server running 2.0 and we update to 2.1, you can still play on the 2.0 server by simply selecting the 2.0 Tekkit build in the launcher.

We plan on having every build from here on out in the launcher at all times.

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Excellent. I really like running my own server for the group of friends I have.. Permissions can be a headache, but all in all it is FUN! I am also happy to hear that the Tekkit builds will stay separated so it is easier to log in to which ever server build we play on. Then I will keep watching through the forums / main Tekkit website for any updates coming up to the server build.

Thanks KakerMix!

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