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Techkkit - Based on tech - 1.7.10 [Focused on updating tekkit]


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Welcome to Techkkit! Here you will experience almost all the stuff from Tekkit Classic - Join our official server today!

- http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/technological-edge.714809

Some mods might be different, but they are just to improve your gameplay.

This pack was made in order to update Tekkit Classic as seen above.

* So basicly the reason of doing this is because we all liked the old times playing Tekkit, but we simply feel that we need an upgrade...

* Best mods should be Industrial Craft 2 and Project-E, there is a bunch of new updates which should be cool to experience

* Power Red is being outdated and never updated from 1.4.6 version of minecraft, so there is a new mod called "Project: Red" which has almost every single thing that Power Red had

* Equivalent Exchange 2 so we all know this mod is never been updated from 1.2.6 what is slightly sad. So after that happened someone said okay, i know the basics of code, this should be easy and coded a mod called Project E which has literally everything that EE2 had - Join the official server today!

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