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4000+ EU/t Fail-Safe, No-/Low-Maintanace Nuclear Generator.


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This is what I believe to be the best possible Nuclear Non-Steam Reactor in Tekkit 2.

Actually, I have no idea if that is actually true, as it's the first reactor I've ever designed myself... But I needed something to get you hooked, didn't I?

Anyhow, let's cut the slack and get to the building.

Ignore the random mix of my textures, I tried making Soartex Fanver compatible with IC2 Classic's textures based on Sphax... worked-ish.

Quick Run through

You should have a basic understanding of the Modpack, especially Logistics Pipes, IC2 and ProjectE.

  • The key to this set up are LZH-Condensators... a lot of them. They seem hard to craft, but if you have a decent EMC-Generation set up it really isn't as much work as it seems.
  • Set up a Reactor along with 6 Reactor Chambers and recreate a setup like this: Reactor Fill
  • Then, you should set up an energy storage and transform the voltage down to usable levels. In my example I am using a Plasma Cable which leads into a PESU which then goes into an Adjustable Transformer (=> 32 EU/packet, 1 packet/t) via a normal Glass Fiber to save on space and resources.
  • Then, you need an Energy Condenser producing Lapis as it is used to recharge the LZH-Condensators. Here I'm using a Condenser Mk. 1 along with 4 Energy Collector Mk. 3's (because I can 😎)... You'll most likely be fine with two, maybe even one Collector. But Lapis is always nice to have.
  • Now, we need to wear down some Condensators: Using this setup consisting of a Thermal Monitor (=> Set to 500), a few Red Alloy Wires, an Invert Cell and an Industrial Alarm you'll have a safeguard in case your reactor does get too hot. It will shut itself down and notify you with an only mildly annoying alarm that something went downhill.
  • Now, we can start the reactor (if not already done). This will run a solid while without any issues. Feel free to do something else in the meantime*. Once the Alarm goes off, you should have at least 1 LZH-Compressor with a durability of 1. (*I may not be held responsible for improper setup of the safeguard which may or may lead to following symptoms: Item Loss, Massive Explosions, Depression)
  • Now it's time to set up the pipes:
    • We need one Provider Logistics Pipe which is set up to Include LZH-Condensators with 1 durability left. Left-click the LZH-Compressor on any slot of the UI, which you can open with a Buildcraft WrenchExample
    • Logistics Power Junction, which is connected to the Adjustable Transformer; You should have some energy saved in your storage unit from wearing down the first set of LZH-Compressors. Place the block next to any pipe in the pipe system.
    • Then you will need a Crafting Logistics pipe and a Logistics Crafting Table. See the Crafting Table Setup and the Crafting Pipe Setup for help.
    • Add another Provider Logistics Pipe to the Bottom or Top of your Energy Condenser and connect it to the rest of the pipe system.
    • Add a Chest and hopper to the reactor like this, and add a Supply Logistics Pipe to the top. Configure the Supply Pipe as seen here. Make sure that the LZH-Condensator has full durability this time!
  • And that's it! Wasn't too hard, was it? Your final setup should have all components seen in this picture, plus your energy storage unit and transformer. (Of course, your setup might look slightly different, depending on how you set up your piping system.)

To make sure everything works, I would recommend staying a bit and watch the LZH-Condensators in the reactor. If everything goes well, any condensators that have 1 durability remaining should be pulled out of the reactor and refilled in the auto crafting table. If you want to be even more sure, you can fill the chest with extra Condensators. But usually there shouldn't be an issue here.


And that's all! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Discord: "Anniken#0001".

Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!

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