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Textures are messed up on mobs (Linux)

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I played Tekkit on Windows for a long time and had no problems, but I decided to switch to Linux to get a few more frames (which I do). What I noticed is that allot of the mob textures are screwed up, I tried it with the default and another texture pack so thats not the issue. here is a list of mobs that are screwed up/confirmed fine:


Chickens- Shows the the texture from the texturepack overview texture (whatever that file is called), also the head is missing

Creepers- Legs are missing so it looks like its flying

Skeleton- the body and the head are missing, only arms and a bow appear

Spider- same as chicken except with all the parts there, just the texture





Thanks, Tim

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Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but optifine causes entity texture issues. From when I was using Linux, the player model was almost always messed up, and same with many mob textures. The only fix I can think of is removing optifine from modpack.jar, but I'm not positive on how to do that.

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I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 and am having the same issue with Textures. Single chest shows up fine, but plain double chests are invisible or show up with a variety of textures that looks like an image sheet of textures wrapping the whole chest. Creepers are normally invisible (extra annoying), sometimes just their head is visible. Skeletons and Zombies sometimes so up correctly other times with the same messed up texture that wraps the plain double chest.

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