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Search 1 guy for Playing tekkit (active)


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Hey guys,i have a small tekkit server, and search for a player who play it.

What type of player i search:

Not a kid.

experience with tekkit

Teamspeak3/Skype -HEADSET

A bit of crazyness(Big projects etc.)

I dont have a microphone unluckily, and not planning on getting one soon.

But i seem to fit in the other things you spoke about.

Im commonly active (I have a month and a bit more of summer left).

Some images from my world:

House Outside




My laboratory.


My Machine Room.


Me beginning to learn to program computers


My Elevator


Animal Farm


Refinery with Oil Fabricator


House on the inside:


I know using Equivalent Exchange, i know making machines, good houses, and big farms.

I have quite some big projects that i would like to make together to other good players.

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It's not really fair to ask that, as they may not want it to be in the open, in the sight of every creep there is out there. They can PM you it though.

i wrote YOU CAN if you can read ^^

Pls stop spamming my Thread, if you're not interested

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Stop with the Still Searching thing. Is considered bumping, and that goes agaisnt rules. Also double posting.

There are other good threads more important than this one out there that may not be seen because you keep bumping your page.

Yes, i know this will make the page go back to first again, but i had to say it.

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