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i need a bit of help


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im trying to use the awesome texture editor erusprime sent me to but i cant for the life of me figure out where to open the mods textures to play with them in it am i being really blond or is there a specific place i need to look wanted to play a bit with my favourite texture pack brown and bloom to make some of the ic and buildcraft and the EE mods look in the same style as it is

id also now im at it like opinions on some skins i did for my self in mc skin editor



not that im very good but i use the redhead atm

good opinions on how to improve would be appreciated and maybe ideas to

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Thanks i already know but its more one of those days where my head is like a balloon full of hot air and no brains (most days actually are like that ::) )

ill try poking around a day im more awake and my brains working thanks for bearing with me thou i think i might fit the asshat category today

so any comments for the skins would be nice id like to get better and good comments on how to improve usually helps me with that ;D

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was supposed to be gloves but yeah they aren't as good as i intended em to be still learning but the mc skin editor is a easy tool to work with at some point i might try moving some skins in to gimp to smooth them over a bit and add shades or something just not comfortable with it just yet getting a block face to look pretty is damn hard

made a few others that are plain silly ill post them tomorrow i think id have to make a skin topic in the right section of the forums thou under art or creativeness

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