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Forestry replacement (Mechanised farming)


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When that manchild that made forestry withdrew his mod from tekkit and had a fit. Since then farming is now back to the dark ages and is not tekkit or even yogbox stadard.

I've come up with a upgrade, something to drag agracluture to the modern age.

Mechanised farming

All vehicles use industrialcraft fuel from refined oil.

Vehicles take up 6 blocks and are crafted out of components

Componets follow below

Combustion engine



Wheels: Made from 4 rubber sorrounding a iron ingot

Seed drills are made from 6 iron ingots flanking a iron hoe with two cheasts above.

A plough is made from 3 sticks and 3 iron ingots.

When you drive a tractor you conect the plough or seed drill by placing it in a slot next to the fuel.

So you build a normal farm but plough the land with a plough towed by a tractor towing a plough.

To plant crops you tow a seed drill filled with seeds behind a tractor.

To harvest the crops you could build a combine that seperates wheet from seeds.

Seed drills can also fertalise crops by using bonemeal in their infantry.

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I think they should bring forestry back to it was an easy way to make farms

Just install it yourself. Put the forestry.zip in your mods folder and that's it. Just make sure you start a new world so you will have all the ores or just go to an unloaded chunk to find them.

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