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World Anchors and Teleport Tethers

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I know that I can disable these items in their respective configuration files. The question is, if I disable them in the configuration and reboot, will it remove the existing blocks from the world?

I'd like to have all of these chunk loader blocks removed, then restrict their use, and re-enable them.

So the plan was to disable them in the config files, and restrict them to admin only. Then reboot so they'd be removed from the world. Then I could re-enable them in config and reboot again, and they would be gone.

Do I have this right? We left them available to everyone, and now I think they're all over the place. I saw on startup that the console saw 35 world anchors. I don't know how to track teleport tethers, but since it's an easier recipe I imagine there are even more of them.

Just trying to reduce server lag. If anyone can provide some insight I'd appreciate it.

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When you disable them, it means they cannot be crafted and placed. The change will not affect already placed blocks me thinks. You will just have to ask players politely to remove the anchors they may have.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if any way to automagically scour the worldmap for these items? I admit I haven't looked too hard for plugins, but I thought that the disabling would actually remove them as if they'd been removed from the mod.

The restriction is done through permissions, but that doesn't really do anything if they're already placed. I'd like to avoid FBI style raids on people's compounds to confiscate their chunkloaders, if possible.

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