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Quick Question about electricity as power source


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Just, how do I power quarries with electricity without the electric engines? Quite new, been playing for 3 days straight now, got things nicely set up with nuklear factories. But I cant figure this one thing out. Id hate to depend on other energy sources as my electricity aint beeing used at all.

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The Energy Link does quite nicely. You'll need roughly 64 EU/t to power the quarry to full speed. (Quarry takes up to 25 Buildcraft MJ's per tick; Energy Link converts IC2 EUs to Buildcraft MJs at about 2.5 EU -> 1 MJ, plus about 10% inefficiency I believe.)

Geothermal Generators are decent for this application, or you can plonk down a couple of MV Solar Arrays (once you're rich enough to afford them.)

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