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Server Pauses when I logout?


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I have a dedicated Private server I setup so my Build Craft, Industrial Craft and EE machines and devices will work while I'm logged off and at work. (IE Quarries, and my Energy Condenser setup.) But I noticed that everything stops when I log off. But works fine when I'm logged in to the server. I even tried Vanilla Furnace's and they stop too. I'm currently using Tekkit Server 3 and Tekkit Client version 3.1.2 Dev Build, via the Technic Launcher. Is anyone experencing the same problem? Is there a setting I'm missing? Any advice would help..

Thanks all

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Okay I tried that, and they are still pausing. I even tried restarting the server after placing the blocks. =\

Update: Okay I was doing some searching on google and found another Chunk Loader called a World Anchor.. Its working now! Thanks for you help! :D

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