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Tinkers construct tools lose mining speed after repair?


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I just realized this now... and I have no problem in tossing many tools... but repairing any tool using materials created a loss of mining speed.  On pickaxes its not a big deal but on hammers and whatnot it drastically effects the speed which obviously encourages using blocks of materials to repair larger tools...

Is there a way to remedy this other than using up a modifier slot with redstone?

However the big issue is that the tool itself has an experience on it compared to previous versions... and after time you'd have to toss it because of mining speed loss so... is there anything on this?


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I've never seen that happen with tools.  with 1 exception

you should double check to see if your tools have stone bound, that causes the damage and mining speed to increase/decrease as the tool losses durability. 

but even with stone bound the tool still has a max speed and a min speed that is based off the material stats and red stone modifiers.

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on the general topic of how to crank up your hammers mining speed and overall mining effectivness check out the blightfall mining wiki: 



take note of the use of Travelers gloves, you can slap red stone on those puppies and it add a haste effect to all your mining/digging/block breaking actions


for a tinkers hammer used for mining the only modifiers which are worth much of anything in the modpack are the redstone modifier and the silky modifier, the luck and auto smelt modifiers don't work as expected all the time, you can add them if you really really want them but they are not the best modifiers for the purpose of increasing your material gains from mining.


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