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[Latest] MinePow [PvE] [200 slots] [Custom Plugins] [Economy] [Crates] [Voting] [Market] [clans] [Parties]-By players, for players


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Welcome to MinePow! The Top Modded Community in the World!

MinePow is a server made by players, for players. We were set up with the prime purpose of providing the best experience for players to experience. With a team of dedicated staff behind us that's exactly what we mean to do.

Server IP - play.minepow.com

Website - http://minepow.com

Server Rules

1. Do Not ask for Perks or Ranks, they are to be earned!

2. Do not ask for items, people will gift items if they feel like it!

3. Do not promote or share links for other websites or servers.

4. Keep your Negative attitude and complaints to yourself.

5. Do not spam or troll players.

6. You are welcome to help new players, but please don't Mini Mod, we have staff for that!

7. Inappropriate or Promotional names, capes and buildings are not allowed.

8. Please be respectful towards all members, and respect staffs decisions.


Banned Items

World Anchors


Tunnel Bore

All Robots


We are always patching, fixing and changing things on our server. Check the website for up to date information.

When you vote on our server you are given a crate key, what do you do with this you may ask? Well if you go to /warp crates and right click on the chest there, you will be entered into a roulette-style draw to win a random prize!

Also with voting, once we receive 50 votes, there is a party which happens!


The best way to learn about our server is to come and join us! Play now on play.minepow.com!

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