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Help with forcing items to go one way in a pipe.

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Ok, so I managed to finally get a diamond transport pipe. Since there are so many things I want sorted, I had to use two sides of the pipe to get everything I wanted. I have about 13 items going to one chest and a two cobblestone pipes that merge into one pipe that leads to the chest. At the point where the two cobblestone pipes meet, the items that I want going one way, head backward up another way. Is there a way I can force objects to go one way so that every item heads to the chest, and not circles around? Thanks for helping.

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Also maybe try the sorting machine from redpower. It will color code your items, and then you can paint your pipes. Much better way of sorting items. I currently have a system that has up to 120 individual item sort capacity for each of 5 crystal chests. I can sort everything that doesn't have a damage value. ... Well except for the microblock stuff. lol

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