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Anyone able to build a spawn city? I'm hopeless at building

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I've made my owns server, done all plugins, perms etc, but now i'm on to building. I'm not a very good builder, especially in tekkit cause some normal builds look terrible in tekkit cause of all the new stuff, so if anyone has any experience on building a spawn and is willing to help, please PM me.

-joecompt#9 Mod Edit: Don't.

(first post)

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jpecompt#9 i can build the spawn for you but i want to be mod or admin and i can build it to your requirments.

like if you wanted a story behind the spawn or if you wanted a tutorail for the spawn i can do that just dont make me work with teleporters casue i am learning how to use those i know everything else. so just message me the ip adress an the spawn requirmetns and i can get to it. (sorry if some of the words are shortened i have been sending emails over my phone so i have had to shorten my words)

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