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Wiring My House


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Hello guys I recently built a house in Tekkit and was wondering how to wire it.

I am using the HV solar array and MFS-U -> HV transformer -> MV transformer -> LV transformer

All using glass fibre cable.

The problem is that my house is very large, it's occupies 32x25 space and is 2 1/2 floors. So just counting the floor blocks, there are 2000 blocks. Now at first I did the setup above and wired glass fibre cable around my entire house, thinking that since it has low power loss, it would work. But alas, power does not reach anywhere.

I want to use luminators to light the ceilings, which is why my wires are so extensive. The wiring basically goes around the entire perimeter of the building. None of the luminators power up even with the MFS-U at full power and I can't even get power to the macerator.

Thanks for any help.

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My suggestions: Don't get power in exactly EVERY wall brick. Get a few MV/HV outputs at certain places, otherwise keep to LV. Use a lot of battery boxes and copper cable - far cheaper than glass fibre. And still you don't need to have it in every wall square - just make a line along the lowest wall block of each, and a few "crosses" over the floor.

You might want to use redpower Lamps instead of luminators. They are very pretty and don't really take up that much more space (since you can hide redstone wiring with covers). If you really want to use luminators, use tin cable - very cheap.

For the issues with getting output, make SURE your transformers and batboxes are connected correctly. Remember that the odd block (three dots in vanilla, lightning in sphax) side on transformers is the higher voltage one.

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Thanks for the quick response, by a few MV / HV outputs at certain places, what do you mean? Currently I just have one HV -> MV -> LV output, and that is straight out of the MFS-U. Once it leaves the MFS-U it is turned into LV around the rest of the house.

I connected a macerator directly after the LV to make sure power was working, and it works, but once I hook up the cables to the rest of the house, no output is sent to any machines or lights. I'm confused because I am using glass - fibre cables, so shouldn't the power loss be minimal? Thanks.

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By using the batboxes to troubleshoot, do I just watch to see if the charging speed gets slower?

Also, I have luminators all along the wires, would that significantly lower the amount of power being transfered even though the MSF-U is fully charged?

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