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Server unstable, but then dont want to restart


Hey guys.

My server was really unstable when i logged in today, laggy as hell. then i wanted to restart it. and i got this message when i use the launch.bat file:

"java -Xmx3G -Xms2G - jar Tekkit.jar nogui"

"Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Could not create the Java virtual machine."

Im just gonna do a restart now and it will prob sort it self out, but what on earth is that? I would love to know what can cause such things, so i can make my server more stable.

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks, but it seems like something in the world now, is causing my server to give me a frame every 5seconds.

Anyone know anything that can cause this ?

I've crashed all pnumatic pipes and such from redpower, nothing in them

i've tried to disconnect power from my nuclear reactor and the mfsu's.

gonna move on to all engines now i think... or anyone else seem to get this ?

I've i move outside of my "zone" of complicated stuff, the game returns to normal fully functional state, but returning to thouse "chunks" again, it grinds down to every 5sec frames again.

edit: Now the server console comes with warnings:

"Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?"

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End statement:

Now i used the world-edit command replace, and replaced everything from about 10-100 height, and replaced like 400.000 blocks or something, and restarted it.

everything we have ever made of anything, is gone, and still, when we run into this "zone", it grinds down to about a frame every 5 seconds.

if you get out of it, its fine again.

At this point, i get the "VM-error" I've described above here.

The server have been running by it self for about 48hrs when i logged on today to discovery this issue was there.

I had the hole nine yards of things going, oil,lava and water tanks. Engines left and right, solar panels and nuclear reactor with ice machine, and everything between.

i've encountered this "fault" 3-4 times before with old technic SMP. This has always been happening "late" into the server build(1-2 weeks into it), never early on.

Never encountered this one on technicpack SSP.

There gotta be someone else out there that has encountered this issue as well??

Its like when he get this error, whatever it is, it sticks to it, making the entire zone unusable. i would describe the zone as.... 100 blocks diameter or something around there.

If someone wants the map or anything to study this. I'm willing to share it, if its allowed.

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