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How do i expand my biodome.


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This is incorrect. While you cannot remove the Tainted Land biome without anĀ Ethereal Bloom or planting another Silverwood Tree, the biome itself does not create Fibrous Taint or even Tainted Mobs (I think... I've seen regular mobs running amidst the taint on rare occasions). The best way to prevent Fibrous Taint from entering an area is to block it off with non-solid blocks, such as glass (which is why the biodomes are made of glass, other than that they're biodomes). Other solutions could be slabs, stairs, corners, covers, or anything else that includes a non-solid block face. Just be aware that if a block does have a solid face, the Fibrous Taint can and will spread to that face if it is not covered (which is why stairs are not the best solution; the wall would have to be two blocks thick).

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