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No usernames on multiplayer

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I am trying to play with other computers in my LAN, but we have a critical issue. Only one person can log in at any time and when we do, our usernames show up as a blank.


" logged in"

instead of

"ChaosOverlord logged in"

I have 3.0.4 server and 3.0.3 (tekkit) client, opened with Tekkit Launcher I can not use the most recent server+client versions because they cause errors regarding mods that I cant understand. The mods just simply do not load.

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Thats not the issue, even though the server is in fact in offline mode. When I log in, I log in under a blank username instead of the one I entered, that is true for my brothers as well. When one user (me) logs in, it logs in under the blank username, and so when they og in, they also log in under a blank, and I get disconnected due to "logging in at another location"

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