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[3.1.2] :: Tailwinds :: A Steampunk Adventure [50 Slot] [24/7] [Premium Roleplay] [tailwindsrps.com]


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blank.png Information blank.png

We are a private white listed server for tekkit 1.3.2 !

If you have read the above and feeling keen to find out more about us,

you can visit our website at http://www.tailwindsrps.com to learn more about the server.

All PvP in our server must be roleplayed and PvP is disallowed with the exception

of invasion events. Invasion events may happen once every thirty minutes when

either faction decides to invade a specific region of Caldesia.

Invasions will be announced at least one minecraft day before so as to allow

the defending faction to react. Equal number of troops must be deployed

by both factions before the invasion may begin.

The economy system here is 99% player ran. The remaining 1% is our premium shop.

Where you can buy certain items otherwise unobtainable from extractors with in game

currency. Form of legit currency here in our server is Caldins. Supported by BOSeconomy.

We are enforcing roleplay measures to ensure maximum immersion for our players in the

steampunk setting. Below is a list of the mandatory things required for joining the server.

The use of a Steampunk or 18th century related skin.

The use of our texturepack which is available for download on our website.

A generated roleplay name for your character in Tailwinds.

You can find the roleplay name at this website. http://oobleck.org/steam/

Please ignore the title and provide us only with the first and last names

in the registration form.

blank.png Donations blank.png

We currently do not accept donations of any kind as we are a non profit organization.

We thank you for your kind consideration and would appreciate it if you donated

your money to a more charitable organization that

actually helps the under underprivileged.

We hope to see you on our epic adventure !

Please do post any question that you might have for me.

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