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  1. Sorry for double posting but I have come up with a first impressions -good staff -generally good connection with little to no lag -plentiful player base but sometimes so much that the server gets full -generally something worth checking out
  2. What is your experience in RP servers? It all started around 9 months ago on many roleplay servers and forum roleplays Do you agree with the rules? of course Are you going to have fun (The most important!) ? yes (((even though I might be away for a while due to other things I have to do
  3. IGN:hartham for a suggestion perhaps there should be more details in the app such as have you ever been banned? what is your experience in roleplay? do you agree with rules? etc.
  4. IGN= in game name:hartham Age: 14 Things you hate about Minecraft servers:many things such as bad/corrupted staff,not joining a town (i am not good at pvp ) How long might you play on the server each day? maybe 1 or 2 hours a day between 3 and 6 A.M Have you ever been banned(on any server)? If yes explain:no What kind of minecraft/tekkit things are you really good at? industrial craft and i love mining....and i mean love mining How long you've been playing Minecraft? around a year and a half Where did you hear about us?:technic server Why do you want to join our server over others?:towny with aspects of pvp (challenge to defend) and those pictures.... Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow them?: i agree
  5. In game name:hartham Age:14 Location:chicago Minecraft experience to date:a year and 3 months Why do you want to play on our server? Because on almost every server that has a level of organization i have been ignored. For personally on multiplayer servers I prefer to be a follower in a town with machines and protection from other players. Considering that this server revolves around one server hopefully i can join the town . Also ((yes i know this is starting to turn into a wall of text)) i like servers that is shaped by the community such as the new rules to provide everyone with a good gaming experience ((besides griefers))
  6. In Game Name:hartham Age:14 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit:about 4 months now Have I Ever Been Banned:no Why I Would Like To Work On This Project:I want to spur on a true roleplay server because i love roleplaying and two there are not enough Previous Building Experience: I mainly do the bulk of the structure such as making very tall walls,boring tasks,etc. (even though building will not be boring if it is for the cause of a roleplay server
  7. This server looks fun......i just realized how long i have not used tekkit IGN:hartham
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