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Using Tekkit completely underwater: possible?

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So, I'm in the process of making a little coastal town to mine and get started from. My plan is to build a huge city completely underwater once I have the Evertide Amulet.

My question is: how much from Tekkit can I actually use underwater? Machines, pipes, tubes, cables... Do all these things work underwater?

Is there anything you can think of that doesn't work underwater I should be aware of? Obviously, I'll have to use something like glowstone rather than torches for any lighting I want.

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As I understand, IC2 Machines and Cables work just fine, and a Nuclear Reactor functions better underwater due to the cooling. Buildcraft pipes themselves should work, but you may be hard-pressed finding a way to activate them as I don't believe levers or redstone torches function underwater. Redpower 2 logic gates and wiring should function as normal. Of course, if you want to build an underwater city in a bubble, you could do that using MFFS and having an underwater upgrade, which eliminates all liquid within the forcefield.

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