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suggestions for Technic Launcher and Tekkit Server


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I have a suggestion for the Technic Launcher and the servers.

it would be nice for users of the Technic Launcher, if the Launcher could dektere which tekkit version server is running, and start the right version, so that the server administrators can update the server or leave it without the users must do anything.

This could be achieved with a small service that could tell the Technic Launcher what version the server running, and the Technic Launcher having af editable server list the user can edit and choose from.

note: the Technic Launcher is so nice to use, lov it. :-)

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I THINK I understood what you're trying to say.

Technically possible but not feasible. What you're asking is basically a complete rewrite of the server join code, and would require either storing every version of the client separate on the user's machine, or redownloading the client every time and wiping out any personalization the user has done to the mod list and config settings. Plus it would run into problems if you change servers without closing down completely.

It's best to just push a recommended client and server version and let server ops deal with making sure players can connect to their server.

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not quite correctly understood.

this is nice if the server change at the same time as the client,

in your program you can choose option and select a version to run,

but, if the server is not changed at the same time, and the useres is upgrading and they can not log in, so

if your program could have a preferred list, the user created and edit, then all the useres on this server (normal one server) would follow the same version.

an if the list is more the on server with different versions, then the list would be able to show the server version.

This change would eliminate the misunderstandings for many users, why can they not connect.

it is not af must, I still like the program :-), no need for fidling with mods,

Exambel view:


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addon :-)

my daughter is connecting to 2 serveres, one i manages and with monsters, and one at a friend's server without monsters, and it is not alwas the same version,

i have show her how to change the version.

so she know how, but my other users they just upgrade... ;-)

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The launcher does, I believe, cache builds if you change version, so that's not a huge issue. But yes, this would require the launcher and minecraft to communicate in a way that isn't entirely possible right now. I can see possibly storing some info in the launcher and adding a "which server do you want to join" GUI, but that could only load a version of minecraft, not connect to the server as well. It would still be up to the user to connect to the right server, and as Neowolf said, what if they wanted to switch servers without quitting minecraft? They'd still get the same errors and be even angrier because it was supposed to be "fixed" or something.

A nice idea, but not currently feasible, in my opinion.

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The idea is if you set a fixed server and the launcher ask this server for a version and starts minecraft with this version, then the user and the server ops do not have to setup some comunication, on a web page or some other way to inform about the version or upgrade,

The only information needed is to use Technic Launcher and put in a server address then the Technic Launcher will make sure to alwas start minecraft with the same version as the server.

so I thought of my daughter and came at that you could make a list of servers, so you could see their versions.

Yes, it is only the launcher that changes, I know that I can not change servers if the serveres do not have the same version from indside minecraft, this can not be changed i know. :-)

i have started to informe my uses the versions on a web page... *G* so the can connect...

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