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Can you not destroy the mob spawners in towers?

I went with an elf mage for my first try and I don't do much beyond kill surface mobs and try my hands at this tower. Getting level 2 was piss easy, but 3 just seems endlessly far away. I checked the wiki, but there's not much a a newb's guide to getting around and what to do different than vanilla MC so i'm not sure if I should be trying to build a basecamp etc...

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they sucked for the most part. I can't believe this subset of folks aren't more talkative about this modpack. I play both ssp and run an smp server now that I've sucked my friends onto it once in awhile. The hardest thing is navigation. How do you know where you've been or where you want to go ? The radar is quite crappy, but I gather its partly designed to be so to force you out. What's the point of naming the areas though if you can't like make an in game map with areas you've explored to navigate? This only get worse on a smp server as I can't find a good means of keeping the small group together if they're not on always at the same time. Smp only works for small groups if you can keep them together even if its pvp or coop.

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